Intermission: A Little Music for You

I love music, and original compositions are always great. But there's something about a quality cover or remix that appeals to me. And lately, sampling individual sounds from different songs or movies creates all new music from "found" sounds. Give It Up, above, is probably the best example of such a work I've ever heard.
I'm not really sure what Pogo is, but the idea is the same. Unfortunately, this uses such small clips of sound that the original context of the songs is completely lost most of the time. And a lot of the Pogo videos out there sound very similar. Like listening to every Keane song back to back.
Since I'm in Japan, I guess I should toss in some J-Pop. This is AKB48's latest single, Kokoro no Placard. It's not my favorite song, but I'm starved for good music these days.
Speaking of J-Pop, here's what a less-popular idol group looks like on stage. I couldn't find anything really good to close the post with. I was walking around Akihabara a couple weeks ago, as I too-frequently do because I love to get a kebab don from a restaurant in Electric Town, and there was a big idol competition or something going on. I ran into a bunch of girls in their costumes gathered on the street waiting to perform. Not as exciting as it seems, just worth mentioning.

Anyway, I'm working on something, so I'll be back next month! That would be in a couple days...

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