Nagoya: Train, Meat, and Booze!

I've now been to Nagoya four times, and I will be going back again soon. This often-ignored city has a good bit to offer for tourists, and even more for me with several amusement parks (including my favorite amusement park in Japan) and baseball card stores.

But I'm not making the journey to central Japan just to get flipped upside down a few times and go on a shopping spree. Every trip adds several new places to my experiences. My latest trip was an overnighter in early July that saw me visit five small amusement parks in one day.
 The second day started in Inuyama (literally, "Dog Mountain") to return to Meiji Mura, a village packed with historic houses, and certainly the best historical village in Japan. Inuyama is served by Meitetsu Railways, and this single-car train hit the local stations.
 This is miso katsu, battered and fried pork covered in a miso sauce. It's quite delicious, pretty much just like all the other fried food in Japan! I made sure I got some on this trip, since it had been a while.
 I picked up two beers at Meiji Mura, starting with this darker Meiji Mura Roman Beer. It was very smooth but not mild; it had plenty of flavor and really, it's a quality beer! At least, in my opinion.
The Mitsoboshi Beer Pilsner is lighter, but not as good. It's somewhat bitter without much else. Would I drink it again if someone put a glass in front of me? Certainly! But it doesn't match my palate. Both beers probably come from the same brewer.

Expect a flood of Nagoya posts over the next week as I recount my weekend trip! Until next time...

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