Yokohama Cosmo World from the Ferris Wheel

I've made it out to Yokohama Cosmo World at least three times now. The first time was on a very cold afternoon, while sightseeing in Yokohama. The second time, I headed out with my friend Amanda in the summer to catch a ballgame, and we started the day at the park. Unfortunately, it was really windy so we didn't get to do much at the park. The third time, I had clouds, but the rides were all open and I was able to try all the attractions I didn't get to the first time around.
 I took a ton of pictures on my first two trips, but having missed the Ferris wheel both times I made sure to take a spin and get some good shots the third time around. And no ride on the Ferris wheel would be complete without a photo of Yokohama's Landmark Tower, with one of Japan's highest observatories.
 As the Ferris wheel made its rotation, different rides presented different opportunities for photography. Here's the Enterprise ride, whatever they call it at Cosmo World (its name translates to Super Planet). It's got larger gondolas and I think it seats four people in each.
 The wild mouse coaster (Spinning Coaster), with the pink-tracked Diving Coaster Vanish behind it.
 Disk'Os are lots of fun!
 The old ship docked nearby. I think it can be toured for a fee.
 Old warehouses.
 Next door to Cosmo World is a large mall. Actually, there's a mall on the other side of Cosmo World, too, next to the Landmark Tower. The Aeon mall, above, has a miniature golf course on the roof. And it looks like a helicopter pad and some parking is provided too.
 Cosmo World is split into two sections with a small waterway between them. Those buildings are on the same side as the Enterprise and Disk'O, and house small attractions or arcade games.
 Spinning Coaster didn't spin very much, as far as I can remember.
 Diving Coaster Vanish goes up...
 Diving Coaster Vanish goes down.
 Diving Coaster Vanish dives.
Diving Coaster Vanish vanishes.

I think I've written the next Dr. Seuss book.

Anyway, Cosmo World is a good bit of fun, but the attractions are expensive and there is no pay-one-price ticket available. So, I think I'm about done with the park... unless they get something new and fun installed soon.

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