Lagunasia: A Quick Amusement Park Visit With a Setting Sun

 There are dozens of parks in Japan. While the Tokyo-area ones can be visited one-by-one over time, the cost of travel to areas outside of the Kanto region means I have to combine multiple parks into one single day trip. Sometimes, mid-sized parks get a bum rap, because I only have a couple hours to explore them, ride everything I want, take a bunch of pictures, pick up a small trinket souvenir, and be on my way to the next park or out the door at closing time. Lagunasia was one of those quick-visit parks that I think I could have spent longer at and been able to enjoy.
 It has an obvious water theme, with a large "lake" in the middle which seems to hold shows or something sometimes. I'm not sure.
 I was in a rush, of course, so I just headed to the first coaster I could find: the tiny whale-themed kids coaster is near the entrance when traveling clockwise around the lake. To say it's mild is an understatement, despite its name: Stellar Coaster. I'm glad I didn't have to wait long to move on to the next ride.
 The best parts of Pirates Blast isn't visible from the outside, but this coaster was still pretty fun and I was able to ride it a couple times.
 Despite the park's name, the theming feels more European. Many of the rides are hidden inside buildings or facades, like this water ride peeking out over the top of the facade.
 As it started getting dark, I could see the lights coming up; along with a flower display the lights made the park very beautiful in the evening.
 Aqua Wind is the third coaster in the park, and it too spends a lot of time away from spectators' views. It used to have a water feature, but it appears that is no more. All three coasters at the park are pretty mild on their own, but with the use of close scenery and lots of walls, it's difficult to anticipate what's coming next and that makes Aqua Wind and Pirates Blast enjoyable.
 One Piece is huge in Japan, and I saw an exhibit that was the same as, or similar to the one I saw in Taiwan in 2012.
 I don't know anything about the characters or the comic books, but the displays were pretty cool anyway.
 It's easy to see why boys love the comic. The unrealistic body shapes are even more exaggerated than Barbie!
 There's a skeleton in a suit and some small thing here; there's also some squirrel or something that I think is named Chopper that I don't seem to have a picture of.
 Mermaid! What pirate story would be complete without one?
 Oh, this exhibit is set up for you to have your picture taken in all the scenes. So you can be surrounded by bikini-topped women with fish tails for legs.
 Or you can pilot what looks like a giant camera with robot arms and a drill for a forehead. I told you I know nothing about the show...
 Despite the three great coasters here, my favorite attraction might have been the indoor soup can ride. You climb into a giant can of soup and travel through the factory, learning that the cans each have some magical drug in them or something to make people happy or sad.
 I say "soup can" but really the label says Magical Powder. This is the entrance to the ride; I also shot video of the entire thing but I haven't decided whether to post it or not.
Luckily, somebody else has posted it on YouTube already. It's a story of love, swimming underwater, dancing flowers, a furry detective, and some whacked-out drug addict criminal. I guess. I think I'd need to ride it a couple more times to be sure.

The entire gift shop is overflowing with Magical Powder merchandise, too - from small erasers to towels with the designs, to large cans filled with snacks.
Because I was so limited on time, I didn't get to explore the park very thoroughly. I was able to hit the major important parts of the park, but I missed the shooting dark ride and the 3D show. Is it worth visiting again? I don't think so, although I wish I had had another hour or two to ride the two big coasters and do the dark rides a couple more times.

Lagunasia is about an hour east (towards Tokyo) from Nagoya Station by train and bus, and the surrounding resort also has shopping, restaurants, thalassotherapy (whatever that is), hot springs spas, a marina, and condominiums (I'm sure that includes hotel space). The park is generally open 10-5, with extended hours on busier days such as weekends and vacations. A passport that includes rides will be 4100 yen, but discounts are available for late-afternoon admission. Use of the pool adds about 1000 yen.

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