Another Fun Engrish Image

Found at Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro a couple weeks ago:
 I've posted some Engrish (the name given to badly done English signage and shirts) in the past. And it's everywhere - street and store signs, warning posts and information boards, guide books, pamphlets, websites... There are plenty of home goods with English on it too, and some of it comes out quite strange.
Granted, this is French-based. I'm not sure about the spelling of coton, confortable, and the obviously-French-derived terms. They could be perfectly fine, and this could be a straight copy of an old container label.

But even if it is, do you know what a douche is? And I don't mean the shortened version of the slang "douche bag". Do you want this in your home, on your counter? I like the antique appearance of the container, and several of the other containers around it had other logos and printing from other old products that looked pretty cool. But, a douche... And yes, the literal translation from French to English of douche is shower - but does anyone say "I'm going to go douche" and mean the kind which involves cleaning the entire body?

In France, perhaps this is okay. But I'm not so sure this is anything authentically French. Do you use cotton balls to comfortably shower yourself?

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