Tuesdays with Mourning

Nobody died. But today has been a roller coaster of emotions.

I started the day spending nearly three hours trying to get a SIM car for my phone so I could use the Internet. $300 and three hours later I eventually found out that Japanese iPhones can't use other SIM cards. Ugh. I was so upset at the waste of time, money and effort that I wanted to punch something.

However, I finally made it to Yamay Discovery World and had a great time on the rides. I tried a one-of-a-kind coaster (maybe there's two) and got sunburned a bit. Fun fact: my taxi driver put in a CD with Ke$ha as the first song. It made me smile, which I needed after the irritating morning.

The National Museum of Natural Science was next, and I had a good time looking at their exhibits. The Science Gallery has a bunch of fun hands-on goodies with some decent English explanations, and the Life Sciences building was pretty nice too. Some exhibits had almost no English explanations though. Fun fact: there's a few hidden-in-plain-sight gems in and around the museum. Try and find them, or check the maps.

Finally, it was time to see my first baseball game in Taiwan. Again I had frustrations (it seems there are a lot of them on this trip) as I ended up at the wrong park after a long taxi ride. Thankfully taxis aren't THAT expensive, but I did spend a lot more than I planned on transit today.

The game feels like a cross between US minor league ball and a Japanese game. There are small but loyal crowds tonight an a minor league feel to the stadium and atmosphere, but the cheering I saw at Japanese games is just as prevalent here. In fact, maybe even more so. Fun random event: a stray dog delayed the game for about a minute when it wanted to get to the other side of the stadium. That's all I can figure, because it seemed to be on a mission.

Well that's it for today. Enjoy a few pictures!

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  1. Why do my photos post in reverse order? And I have been really negative lately but I've had lots of frustrations these past couple days. Don't worry, I am still having a good time!