Taiwan Begins Today

I've been quiet on this blog for the past couple weeks because I've been quite busy! Last weekend was supposed to be uneventful, relaxing, and productive. I was going to write posts, do a little cleaning, finish prepping for my vacation trip, and see a baseball game. But I ended up working on Sunday, spending all Sunday night with Akiko at Round 1 (a sports/game complex that's open basically 24 hours a day), and running around Monday afternoon after a nap helping Amanda before going to the baseball game. So nothing got done.

The posts have been flowing over at my baseball card website, though. Fuji posted a stream of comment posts that I had to write about, because I wanted to be a leader in his contest (which I was!) and I enjoyed writing about the topics.

Tuesday, I finished helping Amanda (I set up her home internet and WiFi), and Wednesday she came over and I made tacos. That left Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to get everything done! Well, everything important is completed and I'm about to head out for a couple supplies.

What does Taiwan have to do with this? All my preparations have been for a nine day sightseeing adventure up and down Taiwan's main island. I leave today (my flight departs about 7pm) and the fun starts early tomorrow morning. This has been a trip I've wanted to take since before I arrived in Japan - it was my first planned international destination.

Who knows what kind of writing I'll be able to accomplish over the next week and a half. I understand I can get internet for my phone pretty inexpensively, which will be helpful for navigation and communication, but also for keeping in touch with the rest of the world. I'll do my best to post a couple pictures a day of my adventures, but otherwise, have a great summer vacation!

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