Flying high with Japan Airlines

When I came to Japan, I flew United Airlines. What a mistake that was. Sure, I had no problems on the flight, but for the same cost I could have taken a Japanese airline and had an even better time (your mileage may vary).

Let's start with the really good news. My flight was oversold so they bumped me... to executive class. This is basically first class. I have way too much legroom, a super-reclining seat with a leg rest, and even my own TV. I haven't used it yet, and I think we land in about an hour, so I suppose there will be no tv for me tonight.

Service is always with a smile, and no matter how long I waited, even only 30 seconds for my coffee, they say "thank you for waiting." How awesome is that? I read my free Wall Street Journal, drank my free Jack and Coke, and I have enjoyed this flight more than any other. Sure, being in a better class is part of the formula, but I know the Japanese level of service would make any seat better than an American-run flight.

And we had a meal (everyone - not just executive class). Up front, I got hamburg steak with vegetables, salad, two rolls, tomato soup, and a six-dish appetizer plate. There were small servings of pastrami, ham and melon, crabmeat salad, potato salad, and even a prawn on a small tuna filet. Plus, Haagan-Daas vanilla ice cream. You forget what vanilla tastes like until you have premium I've cream!

We're arriving soon, so it's time to fill out that arrival card. Of course, this post goes live well after I landed. But that's okay.

In fact, I think I'll have this post post Monday morning.

What's in store for today, Monday? Three amusement parks! More on that later, I'm sure. (Note that it is now Monday night... Though two more posts are written for tomorrow!

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