The Most Awesomest Toy In The World

Let me introduce you to Moon. He's a character in the extremely popular chat program Line, which uses large stickers to convey emotions and messages in addition to the usual text and emoticons. Some stickers are free, with some of the free ones being valid for only about six months. But if you want the awesome stickers, like Hello Kitty, anime, or Disney characters, you have to pay for them.

The characters have gone from virtual to actual, with lots of toys and other licensed goods. In addition to the guy above, there's a blond haired rock and roll style guy (James), a bear (Brown), and a rabbit (Cony).

The above toy "dances" somehow. I don't remember how; either you push a button or it responds to background noise. It's the cutest, funnest, most adorable thing I've seen in Japan that isn't pink. Or that is pink. At least, in a while. There's so much cute stuff in Japan.

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