Meanwhile, somewhere in Osaka...

I was wandering the streets of Osaka earlier this year and I came across an office building with an interesting sign out front.

It's good that Japan realizes that its residents have a problem, and that 12 Step Programs and Alcoholics Anonymous-style groups have been established to address the addiction Japanese people have to Starbucks coffee. There are over 1000 Starbucks in Japan now. 

It's only a matter of time before more of these support centers are opened in other parts of Japan, and perhaps it will open centers for other addictions as well - small cute things, high heels, and cheesy variety shows on TV.

OK, so this is probably just a regional or national office. But you gotta love the implications! And this is probably not an only-in-Japan thing, but I saw it first here! (P.S., I like Starbucks coffee drinks.)


  1. Ugh, it's times like this where I'm embarrassed to be Japanese. The country's economy is going down the drain, the national debt is rising, the air is contaminated with nuclear radiation and this what the people are focusing on, Starbucks addiction.

  2. Japanese people need to have babies. That's the biggest problem, if you believe the news. Babies boost the economy and help support the long term tax base.

    And then the babies can be stronger and mutated with super powers from the radiation... And Japan will have an army of superheros to protect the world from the impending Godzilla attack.