No Swinging From The Branches: Anping Treehouse in Tainan, Taiwan

 When you think treehouse, what comes to mind? Hidden behind this yellow house-like building with a museum is a hundred-plus year old fantastic world of its own.
 Sure, the museum is okay. There are a few artifacts there.
 I bet this is worth a couple bucks at least. It's quite beautiful. But you don't go to the Anping Treehouse to look at shiny things.
 You want to see trees and houses. This is just the start. Inside an an old warehouse building, a couple trees grow out of the walls and ceiling. It's an amazing place, with hanging roots and amazing branches everywhere. There is a second-level catwalk to get a different view and the whole place feels like it belongs in a Ghibli movie! Enjoy the pictures, which don't even begin to capture the awesome beauty of nature reclaiming an old man-made concrete and brick structure.

 The trees literally grow out of the building. It's simply amazing.
 Behind the treehouse is a park area with a person-powered waterwheel that does nothing.
 That doesn't stop children and adults alike from pedaling away to stir up the water.
 Head further back and you can get a view of the river.
There isn't that much to really see but you could see a boat or two going up or down the river.
Next to the treehouse (to the left, if facing the entrance) is another park area, outside of the treehouse property. It's a small waterway leading toward the harbor, but it's not much to look at.

However, to the right of the treehouse building is the Tait and Company Merchant House, included in the price of your treehouse admission ticket. Be sure to check it out too!

The treehouse is open the same hours as the Tait & Co building: 8:30-5:30 and admission for both is NT$50 (less than $2!). Take the tourist bus to get here, as the stop is right next to the buildings, with the last nearby stop being right next to the waterway in the last photo above.

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