An Empty Day in Hokkaido

Yesterday was basically a bust. I got up early and got to the station in plenty of time to catch a train that wasn't coming - it was canceled due to the typhoon. 

So I caught a bus out toward Shiretoko. I could still make my sightseeing cruise that way. 

Well by the time I got to the bus transfer point I found out my cruise was cancelled due to rough waters, again thanks to the hurricane. So I caught the return bus back to Abashiri. 

I ended up spending about half the day putzing around in Abashiri, but while I was there I tried a blue beer. 
Like most Japanese beers it was very light, though this had a strange aftertaste. For that reason I didn't really care for it. I was hoping it would have a unique flavor like the blueberry beer I tried a few years ago. If I have the chance I'll try some of the other Hokkaido brands. 

I took the afternoon train back and wandered around Sapporo a little bit. I had already done my sightseeing in the area but I found myself passing the clock tower at night. 
And even late at night people were waiting to pose in front of it. 

And of course, near the clock tower is the TV tower. 
I think it looks much better at night. 

I had KFC for dinner (spicy chicken which was pretty good and really juicy) and enjoyed the spa at my hotel. I'm staying in a capsule hotel though this one is nicer than the one I went to before. 

Today's adventure is already over but I'll have to bring you that later. This post is getting too long!

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