Blazing Saddles is one of my favorite movies, hands down. In 2012 alone, I've seen the movie at least half a dozen times. My sense of humor was built on Monty Python, Whose Line, and Mel Brooks comedies, and Blazing Saddles has been the most influential.

It tackles a wide variety of topics - racism, rich vs. poor, good vs. evil, and even bullying.

Poor Mongo may have been a bad guy at first, but he just wanted to be loved. Aren't all bullies just missing something special in their life?

Mongo is the most memorable minor character in the movie, and delivers some of the best lines. The actor who played Mongo, Alex Karras, passed away yesterday. Sure, he was an NFL defensive tackle, and was Webster's father, but I think his greatest contribution is the small part as the giant bully in Blazing Saddles.

RIP Alex, and thank you. I'll be watching Blazing Saddles again tonight.

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