Location: Hiroshima Castle

 A short walk from Shukkeien Garden sits the reconstructed Hiroshima Castle.
 The castle and the surrounding area is bordered by a moat. The castle itself was built in the 1590s, but was destroyed by the atomic bomb in 1945. A replica now stands in its place.
 After the Meiji Restoration, the castle became the home of the Imperial General Headquarters. The foundations of several of the headquarters outbuildings remain, as you can see above.
 More outbuilding foundations remain.
 If you enlarge this image, you might be able to read about the headquarters.
 Do you see all the water sitting on the ground? Around this time, the rain started to let up, but the area was quite soggy.
 The area around the castle serves as a nice park in better weather.
 More remaining foundations...
 Finally, in the corner, you find the reconstructed castle tower, made mostly of concrete. Inside you'll find a museum detailing the history of the castle and several artifacts. No photos are allowed inside the castle...
 ... until you reach the top, where there's a nice view of the park and city.
 There is a shrine on the grounds as well.
 I just missed some kind of ceremony (note the blurry walking men on the left).
 Near the shrine, at one of the other entrances, a gate has been reconstructed.
 The castle is known as Carp Castle (Hiroshima's mascot is the carp). Here are some carp that sit on the castle tower.
 The reconstructed yagura and gate serve as a place for receptions. A large wooden-floored hall...
 ... and a tatami mat-covered room as well.
 The gate and building were recently rebuilt using wood in traditional methods. The tatami mat room is in the building to the right, with the wooden floored room behind it.
 A look across the moat towards the castle.
 A statue sits across the bridge from the reconstructed gate.
The sun begins to peek out from the clouds somewhere behind the castle tower.

Hiroshima Castle is a ten minute walk from the Kamiyacho tram stop (lines 1, 2, and 6 from Hiroshima Station) or a ten minute walk from Shukkeien Garden. The castle is open from 9 to 6 (closing earlier on weekdays from December to February). Admission is 360 yen into castle, but the grounds, shrine, and halls (if not being used) are free.

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