A Week of Gold

As most of you know, I was sick a couple weeks ago. The cold turned into a bad cough, caused by sinus congestion. Perhaps a sinus infection. I'm doing much better now though I still cough occasionally.

But that hasn't stopped me from trying to enjoy myself a bit. I had a great night with Akiko at Round1, an indoor sports center with batting cages, small basketball courts, roller blading, tennis, volleyball, video games, billiards, and karaoke. All these are included in the entry price (different Round1 centers appear to have different sports stuff). Anyway, we got there just after 11pm, so there was an all night set price. Sure, we stayed only a few hours but that place was a lot of fun, especially with Akiko!

Last weekend, I had some training on Monday, and Sunday was a miserable, rainy day, but I met up with Kenny to talk and look at baseball cards. I'll talk about that on my other blog. He presented me with a gift brought back from America: a big bag of Funyuns! I haven't opened them yet. I'm waiting until I get back.

Back from where, you ask? I'm leaving tomorrow night for Hiroshima and Kyushu, and I'll be gone all week during the Golden Week holidays. Since I expect to have time, I should bring you some updates every night. I say that now, knowing that probably won't happen! But I'll sure try.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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