Oishii-so: Fried Chicken for your backpack!

I'm a bit sick with a cold. It's wreaking havoc on my sinuses, mainly. I think I might be on the far side of a 48-hour flu or cold (I felt worse this morning than I do now) but I'm trying to take it easy. Not the simplest thing to do when life keeps going on: laundry and chores had to get done yesterday, and work goes on regardless of how I feel.

I'm cooking more, now. I need to tell you all about that. But for tonight, here's a snack I picked up from the kid's store in Shin-Misato.

The English on the front of the bag says "Fried Chicken Taste" and has pictures of real pieces of fried chicken. The back is a little more telling, that these are Texas Corn brand corn puffs (just like Cheetos balls but with different flavoring).

Opening the bag (see photos below) they don't have much color. I can't smell too well right now but they do smell a bit like chicken. And there's no mistaking the taste.

The flavor is not unlike that of fried chicken skin. There's a hint of oil flavor, maybe some light spices. The aftertaste reminds me of chicken meat. It's quite amazing when you think about it, how well the flavor matches that of actual fried chicken (if a bit unseasoned).

They aren't as good as the shrimp flavored chips (I've been thinking of getting another bag of those, when I run out of snacks). But they aren't bad. I won't buy them again, because there are other things I enjoy more in the snack category. I'll eat them again if they turn up at a party, though.


  1. Not exactly good. But okay. As I said, I prefer the shrimp flavored chips, partly because hey had more and better flavor.