Ooshii-so: Seafood Flavored Chip Things

Just as the title says, tonight we're looking at a bag of chips. They appear to be made the same way Funyuns are made (mmmm funyuns). However, as you see by the pictures, they're spiraled arcs instead of onion-ring shaped.

They really have the same underlying texture as Funyuns. There is a mild flavor but it's more of a non-hot spice than outright shrimp/prawn/etc. I'm pleasantly surprised and I'll probably pick these up occasionally when I feel like having a snack. There are other flavors so I'll try those in due time.

As you can see, they're made by Calbee, which is the major chip company in Japan. So you can expect to see that name again soon!

Verdict: oshii! A mild pleasant flavor I can enjoy but not get tired of halfway through a bag. The strong-flavored Doritos, for example, have so much cheese/ranch/etc flavor (and strong aftertaste) that I wouldn't want to eat many chips.

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  1. Walmart actually sells these. They didn't taste too bad, but don't open a bag in a closed automobile.