Oishii-so: Japanese Curry

I have an addiction. No, it's not to sex, or drugs, or collecting baseball cards (despite what you may think). My addiction is with a plate of rice covered in sauce.

I'm addicted to curry.

How, pray tell, did I come to love this stuff so much? It's easy to do once I found out how delicious and spicy it can be.

Japanese curry has a flavor that's noticeable but not overwhelming. Most of the curry I've had is pork based so it has a recognizable, pleasant taste. It's more of a sauce than soup, and goes well over a plate of rice.

In fact, that part may be the defining reason. Again, I can get it pretty spicy, and it is sometimes served with a patty or cutlet (of chicken, my favorite). It reminds me of the Kung pao chicken I had for lunch in SF at least weekly, and I eat it much the same way.

Even a smaller serving size can be filling, as I will order the smaller plate here and still leave the restaurant feeling like I had a hearty meal.

So as I entered CoCo Curry House for lunch today, I realized it would be about the fourth time this week that I would be eating curry. It's just that good! I know I need to branch out and vary my diet. But I think it's better than choosing a burger or other fast food from McDonalds or Lotteria or eating packaged food for lunch. Maybe next week I'll have a few more different choices in my diet. Or not!

A picture of today's lunch is below. Instead of chicken I think I ordered pork or fish. But it was still good! Now I just need to try the cheese curry...

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