An update!

Wow, two days in a row! Maybe I really am back!

I'm suffering through some very slow internet right now - but it's free, and I don't know how long it will last. I wrote a couple posts today that I will bring to you in the next couple of days, plus there are many more to come! I've made a list that currently sits at 14 topics - thus I can provide a post a day for the next two weeks without any additional travel or occurrences! I need to get back to my other two blogs, though! I'm really excited to show off some of my latest acquisitions.

Monday night through Tuesday night was really bad. I had a big headache, a sore throat, sinus issues, and I was exhausted; my entire body ached. I wrote the post, though, and went straight to bed. After twelve hours of sleep, I woke up this morning feeling much better. I still have some sinus blockage and I'm trying to keep myself clear to avoid an infection, but otherwise I am pretty much back to my normal self.

We had another noticeable earthquake this evening (5.9), but as usual, nothing came of it as far as damage. Most of the larger earthquakes are far enough away that they can be felt but they don't knock anything over around here.

My apartment is almost set up. One of the posts I've written is about my apartment, but I need to photograph it. Before I take the pictures, I want to finish the cleaning and reorganization I did this weekend. Being sick cut into the time I planned to use for the last of these chores.

I realize more and more every day (especially this week) that not having internet at home is bad for my health. Mainly because I can't watch TV with actors speaking English, I'm watching too many of my DVDs. With internet, I can stream my favorite shows! Plus, it won't be so hard for me to use the blogger site and entertain myself/unwind after work.

But! Things are going great. As long as I get to bed on time, I can get enough sleep. I enjoy my teaching and I love getting out and exploring Saitama's (the prefecture where I live) and Tokyo's neighborhoods on my days off. I feel kind of bad that I'm not going to the places I "planned" on visiting in Tokyo and beyond, but with the cold weather and leafless, dull trees, visiting parks, temples, amusement parks, and baseball stadiums isn't much of an option. Besides, I've only been here for one month. There are at least 40 more weekends for me to get out and do everything else on my list.

This weekend should be really fun, too! Ellie and Eiji are going to a party and have invited me to join them on Saturday night! I'm looking forward to my first karaoke night! And Kenny (some of you know in the card world) will be in town Monday! Siri says it will rain on Monday, but not during the weekend, so I might be able to visit a few more places. And, of course, I should spend some of my time these next few days writing posts.

So until I have a chance to take pictures of my place for my next post, Sayonara! (Wait, that's Fuji's closing. Umm... Yoiichinichiwo!

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