I am alive, I promise!

It's been a long time since my last post and I'm sorry. These past two weeks have been a big adjustment. The whole first week involved learning about my classes and teaching, plus getting comfortable in my apartment. The past week was my first full week of teaching so I was busy prepping my lessons and quite tired at night. It's a big deal when your workday starts at noon and ends at 9. There isn't much time in the evenings or mornings for playing around.

Plus I still haven't set up Internet yet in my apartment. This means I've been making a weekly trek to an Internet cafe to do searches/research and anything else to catch up for the previous week. I have my iPhone so u can keep up with reading all your blogs, check email, and post on Facebook. But writing posts seems to be a bit beyond my abilities!

Rest assured I will return soon to all my blogs. I have plenty to tell you about Japan, including a good bit of Japanese cardboard (for those interested in such things) and some sightseeing/exploring stories. My computer is at my school tonight but I will try to start writing some posts over the next couple days.

I felt a bit sick today (starting last night after I vacuumed) so I think I inhaled some nastiness from the vacuum. I quite tired and I'd love to take a nice hot bath but my towel is still wet from laundry this morning (no dryer). So, tomorrow! Meanwhile, keep o reading! I'll be back!


  1. I was beginning to wonder about you, if you were OK and all that. Hope you feel better soon.