Random Kit Kat Flavor: Mint Chocolate!

You don't know me if you don't know the foods I absolutely love. Of course, there's popcorn. And cakes. And pretty much every form of spicy chicken on the planet - wings and kung pao especially. And then there's chocolate: give me peanut butter or give me mint, and I'm happy.
Peppermint is almost non-existent here, but you can find an increasing number of products with mint flavoring. This past week, I caught sight of mint flavored Kit Kats and I just had to try them!

Sorry, you don't get any pictures of what's inside. But the bag shows it all. The taste is very much like mint chocolate chip ice cream and was very refreshing on the hot, humid, busy day I consumed them all.

Now my local 100 yen shop needs to bring back that mint ice cream they had last summer!

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