National Azabu Supermarket, Roppongi

My plans for my US trip earlier this month included a lot of shopping. With two suitcases plus two carry-on bags, I had a lot of space to carry snacks and cravings back. But I had heard a lot about National Azabu, a supermarket near Roppongi which carries lots of imported foods and ingredients.
 The store is quite large and convenient to Hiroo Station on the Hibiya line. On the right is a premium popcorn stand.
 The main entrance is around the corner - just left of the photo above. Obviously, there's a Baskin Robbins as well as a couple other food options.
 Inside, it's a supermarket, just like any other. There are plenty of organic options for those who sway that way.
 The spice section offers a lot of options I don't usually see in Japan, including a broad selection of non-American, non-Asian ethnic foods (Mexican, for example).
 The cheese selection is outstanding, too.
 Seriously, I don't recall seeing this many cheeses at any supermarket in the US.
 When it comes to snacks, you won't be able to get much of a craving satisfied. There are the basics, and I saw a lot of brands I didn't recognize. Are they specialty brands or non-US imports? I didn't see any Twix, Pop-Tarts, or Fritos.
 I want to stress that when it comes to cooking meals, you can find a good selection of staples to go along with those spices. This is an import store, though, and prices will be higher than the US.
One last shot to show the baking goods. I believe everything you need to make a pumpkin pie is here. I've heard of friends making cheesecakes, and I saw a good selection of fresh breads, imported beer and wine, and meat.

National Azabu is a good choice for those looking for ingredients and foods that aren't part of Japanese diets. But I still haven't found a reliable source of candy and snacks. Upstairs is a selection of household goods - toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc, cookware, and English-language books.

The map above will help you get there - from Hiroo Station on the Hibiya subway line, take exit 1, turn left at the intersection, and follow the road to the market.

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