Tom Hanks, I really like you too.

I love movies and TV, and without the Internet I'd be lost and lonely. Tom Hanks has been one of my favorite actors long before I even knew it. The first movie I ever saw him in that I can remember is Big. As a child, I imagined that I would be just like him as an adult, especially filling my apartment with toys and games. Watching it as an adult and reflecting, I think I might have actually done just that. I'm certainly young at heart, I have plenty of toys and my interests are definitely not "mature" by most people's standards. And I still feel like a child when it comes to romance, something that movie touched on a bit.

As I grew older, I saw more of Hanks' movies: Turner and Hooch, The Money Pit, The 'Burbs. Naturally, as a big baseball fan, I saw A League of Their Own a few times in theaters and have watched it several times since. The music lover in me enjoyed That Thing You Do. His career has become more serious following Forrest Gump, but I've seen nearly everything he's starred in.
A couple weeks ago, I saw he was in a music video by Carly Rae Jepsen. The song itself has grown on me, and Hanks may be getting old, but he makes the video that much more fun just by being there.

And then, this came out:
I just watched this video which came out on Tuesday, and all I have to say is that it was totally awesome to see Tom Hanks play Tom Hanks. And the fact that he can have fun like this just makes me love him as an actor all that much more. After a very tough week both at work and at home, this was a great way to finish it off.

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