Location: Lion Beer Hall, Ginza, Tokyo

Got beer?
 On paper and in person, Ginza is a neighborhood of high-class shops and world class dinners. It isn't hard to find some of the most expensive designer stores and Tokyo's most exclusive restaurants when you're strolling down Chuo Dori, the main shopping street. But, mixed in with and tucked behind the shops that Julia Robert's character in Pretty Woman would be kicked out of is a collection of stores and eateries for those with a more normal income. One of those locations is Lion Beer Hall. Just look for the Lion name out front!
 Hm. The plastic food looks good. Let's head inside!
 Hm. The actual food looks good, too! I had the fish and chips (the chips are hiding under the fish, I think). For the price the serving size wasn't too big, but you don't come here to eat.
 You come to a beer hall to drink, and they have a decent selection of beers. I saw a Yebisu black and tan on the menu - a good mix of dark and light beers that has an interesting taste without being too bitter from excessive hops. So I got it! Delicious.
 The inside is designed to look like a German beer hall.
As you can see, it has great ceilings and wall murals. The place was fairly busy but there wasn't a big line (I didn't have to wait) late on a nice Sunday afternoon. It's a lively place and for those looking for beer in Ginza, this would be my number one recommendation. I've only been once but I really enjoyed it! I've only been in Ginza once or twice, anyway.

Lion Beer Hall is located on the east side of Chuo Dori, on the corner. If you're coming from Ginza Station, it'll be on the left. It's open daily from 11:30 AM til 10:30 or 11 PM, they have an English menu, and they take credit cards! Plan to spend about 700 yen for a beer - dinner with a couple drinks will run you about 2000-2500 yen.

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