Engrish on an Awesome Sign

I just spent the day with my friend Kenny. It was kind of a last minute deal; he emailed me last night about meeting up in Shinjuku for the afternoon.

It was a pretty good day. We did a bit of shopping (manly-style of course), had curry, played some video games (manly video games of course), went shopping somewhere else (in a manly way) and had dinner at the king of burgers. On the way back we explored a bit of the mall under the Sunshine 60 Building known as Sunshine City. There is an aquarium, small amusement park, and some stores that really aren't much worth most people's time. But I saw a sign which was just right for posting.

I'm posting via the Blogger app, so the photos are at the bottom. However, one photo shows that there is a great deal of kids' shose. I'm not sure what those are but it looked promising.

The best part of the sign was the Engrish-style logo suggesting that its okay to play in rush hour traffic. In fact, the text actually says "It is NOT dangerous to play on the street!"

Awesome. Truly awesome.

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