Oishii-so: Give me a break! KitKat Flavors in Japan!

Japan is known for it's flavor. More specifically, it's odd flavors. I haven't had much of a chance to try the ice cream flavors, though I see green tea flavors in almost everything. I tried some steak flavored cheetos last month. That was an adventure.

Nothing seems to be more coveted than the variety of Kit Kats found in stores, though.

Some of them are available only for a limited time, or in certain places. The key is to always keep your eyes open!

The first flavor is one I found in a special box, and it didn't come cheap. 800 yen for a souvenir box from Yokohama.  This is the one in the middle-right package above, and as you can tell from the picture, it's flavored like a strawberry cheesecake. The flavor is awesome, just like you'd expect from a strawberry cheesecake. It isn't as tart as a cheesecake would be, though - more sweet. It looks like this:
From there, we move on to the other white-colored Kit Kat, in the white wrapper:
This has a cookies and cream taste, with a black Oreo-style center. The cream flavor is stronger than the cookies, but it is pretty good! There is an aftertaste similar to eating just the center of Oreo cookies.

Next, let's get one of the patriotic ones. How about the blue-edged wrapper?
The chocolate tastes different on this Kit Kat. It came in a bag of three different types (whatever happened to one of them I don't know - or maybe it was only two types). It is supposed to be some sort of worldwide edition, so maybe this is a dutch chocolate or something!

And as for the red-edged wrapper:
The chocolate tastes more "normal" - in fact, there really isn't much diference from normal Kit Kats. Maybe they are normal for me - perhaps English.

Next, the green wrapper:
Green tea!

They taste just like green tea, but similar to the cheesecake, are sweeter. These are pretty good too! But I don't care much for green tea, so they aren't a favorite.

Last, my favorite bunch:
Pink Kit Kats! Strawberry flavored, these are super-sweet and strawberry-y. I really like these Kit Kats! 

And one more for good luck. These aren't mini Kit Kats:
This is a long bar, and costs about 100 yen. This is "Salt and Puff" flavored. There is a hint of salt flavor, and little cereal puff balls around the "cookie" part of the bar. It's really good!

As I find additional flavors, I'll let you know. There are dark chocolate bars out there for sure, plus I know I'll come across some other flavors over the year. Here's hoping I find a blueberry flavor soon!


  1. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!

  2. They do have a Dark Chocolate one it's in a black wrapper :)

  3. Grace: thanks for the comment! I saw some dark chocolates just the other day, but I still haven't picked any up. Have you tried any unique flavors?